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High school sports teams have coaches, college tennis players and professional athletes have coaches, as do many other individuals who want to succeed in their specific area of expertise. My definition: A coach holds you accountable, holds your hand, trains you gently, teaches you skills, supports and cares, lets you lean, helps you focus and always, always looks toward your success. Sound like a lot? It is, and it is a profound experience.

As your coach, we work together – we are a team – to achieve these goals and outcomes. You feel better each time you try out new skills and you have me at your side throughout our working relationship. We stay in touch between sessions by phone and email. I’m there for you every step of the way…

It is a lot of what typical coaching is but… it is much more specific to you, your dreams, your specific problems that you are tired of having and want to release. These might include anxiety, a gloomy or pessimistic outlook, being stuck, wanting to move forward, yet don’t know how to. With coaching, releasing these things can happen easily, effortlessly and simply.

Why not hire me – we’ll work hand-in-hand to get you where you want to be! Emotional issues and blocks will dissolve. Start losing those 10-20 pounds, with a good solid plan to keep you on track. Stop hollering at your children and get good communication and respect in your home. Move up in your job; resolve those limiting beliefs that have kept you from moving forward. You know you want and need a boost, a guide, a partner… a Coach!

And, by the way, I use EFT with all my coach clients and they love it. Here’s why: it’s a wonderful energy therapy technique that does not ask you to relive your past traumas, painful episodes or current fears. You simply identify what they are and leave the rest to me. I know it sounds too easy, and it really is. Some people accustomed to therapy think that it HAS to be painful with prolonged week-to-week sessions, that the suffering HAS to continue, and that old topics HAVE to be talked about so they can release the pain. But with EFT, this isn’t necessary. I know, it sounds like magical, woo-woo but it’s not. There are too many people, including myself, who use it and get quick results. We release headaches, neck tension, sore shoulders, painful childhood haunting childhood memories, for example. Check out Gary Craig’s website www.emofree.com for full and complete information and for a free downloadable manual. He is THE master and is incredibly generous.  Make sure you watch the quick video on his home page.

Okay, back to life coaching. You start to make some decisions about what it is that you really, really want to happen in your life. How you want it to be, how you want it to feel, how you want it to look or how you want it to sound. This is where we start. Then those things called “limiting beliefs”crop up – your personal Greek chorus. Quiet or LOUD voices in your mind that say things like – “you’re not good enough to have lots of money,” or “our family just doesn’t have those kinds of things happen to us – we have to struggle for our successes” or “I can’t lose weight – I haven’t done it before and I can’t do it in the future, either…” Very, very limiting beliefs that we all have. But we can fix them, address them, challenge them and then release them easily.

So you release your limiting beliefs, and then you’re good to go! And I’m your guide and conscience and hold you accountable – lovingly – to whatever it is that you want. We work together as partners to move you toward your future place where you’ve wanted to be.


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