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As a therapist, counselor and life and relationship coach, I work with people who are seeking good solutions to their problems. They might be recent difficult events such as:

  • Divorce
  • Grief and/or loss of a loved one
  • Relationship issues
  • Career challenges
  • Parenting struggles
  • Stress management

…or long-standing personal barriers that finally require facing:

  • Depression
  • Drug or alcohol addictions
  • Anxiety and/or panic attacks
  • Codependency
  • Past abuse (physical, sexual, emotional)
  • Post-traumatic-stress-disorder

Whatever your issues may be, solutions tailored to your needs are often right around the corner. Taking the time to learn about yourself in a new way, in a safe and warm environment, is the beginning. Then, when future problems arise, you can call upon your newly-learned skills, tools or techniques and begin to apply them. It isn’t usually necessary to stay in therapy for a very long time – you will become an expert in your own self-care needs.

A FREE 15 minute phone consultation is available to you. Contact me and start on the path to a healthier, fuller life today!